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Why Ribbley?


Ribbley: unique, just like you

We are a manufacturer of wallets for men, made of premium quality calf leather. Ribbley was created to provide a new product that would combine the traditional approach, where leather is a symbol of premium quality, and a modern design. It is a wallet with character, unique style and extreme durability.



Each wallet is a new story

In Ribbley we do not accept any compromises – each wallet has to be perfect. Perfect finish guarantees longer durability and lifespan of the product.
Each wallet is stamped by its individual maker, with top quality assured.




Classic in a modern rendition

Simplicity is the key factor of elegant, leather wallets. The matt finish and the smooth structure require astounding sewing precision. The classic design has, however, been improved with innovative solutions. You can choose how your wallet will look like, configure it however you like. We guarantee that your wallet will be created especially for you alone.




Sport bags from Ribbley

We have combined high quality woolen fabrics with calfskin, Unique design.