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With the built-in notiOne locator, you will never lose your wallet!

With the built-in notiOne tracker you will never lose your wallet!

You can now secure your Ribbley wallet with the built-in notiOne locator!
notiOne locator is the smallest locator on the Polish market, the device slightly thickens the wallet, even when mounted in the Small wallet, it does not change the functionality of the wallet.

Search nearby

Turn on the "Search nearby" function in the application and your Wallet equipped with the notiOne locator will sound a sound signal.

Find the phone

When you press the notiOne logo embossed on the wallet, your phone will ring even when it is on mute.

Find on the map

The places where the signal from the locator mounted in the wallet was received are displayed in the notiOne application in the form of an address and a marker on the map.

Long action

The device on the battery works up to 12 months. Replacing the battery in the wallet is hassle-free.